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We consider ourselves a family at WILD and we all work together with the same end goal in mind.


Where did the Idea of WILD come from?

WILD was started by Andrew Ward and James Phillips in 2020 after James was unable to source a quality dessert product he required for another business.

With both Andrew and James being successful in their own businesses in retrospective industries, investment and commitment was made to push the brand forward. This is where WILD Gelato was born.

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An introduction to everyone behind the scenes

Matthew Court, a local designer, was brought on board as head of Brand Development, Design & Marketing. He was tasked with forming and developing the brand identity of WILD. Focusing on creating our personality, company values and brand values. As part of the core team who’s been around from the very start, Matthew’s background consists of over a decade of experience in various areas of the design industry. From graphics, to packaging, to modelmaking and working with large companies such as Superdry, TK Max & Primark. Matthew is behind the brand that you see today.

Emilia Macari, is firstly a magician but secondly, our head of research, product development and compliance. Emilia is the former owner of Macari’s Gelato & Dessert Parlour which opened in 1958. Emilia is behind many of the flavours that are some of WILD’s most loved such as Supreme Bueno, Coconut & Mango as well as our Taste of the West GOLD Award winning Lemon Cheesecake Gelato. As well as this, Emilia had a key part in bringing our Tubs and Mini Pots to market.

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Chandler Goodwin is our Gelato making Maestro. Almost every pan of Gelato that is distributed across our key partners in and around Torbay and to a further 100 kiosks, pubs and restaurants across Devon and Cornwall via the wholesale industry, is meticulously handcrafted by Chandler. His meticulous work ethic and passion for his role means we know every pan is made to the highest quality.

Ellie Meek, our newest recruit, has recently joined the family working with Matthew within our marketing team. Focusing on content creation and developing our presence on all platforms, Ellie was brought on board to capture the magic happening behind the scenes and to share our WILD story with the world.


With the core WILD team in place and all working in harmony, we’re super excited to be on the journey to bring you the very best quality products.

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